10 Haunted Inns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

10 Amazingly haunted places to stay

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Consider a Stay in a Haunted Inn when you visit the Eastern Shore

If you’re into spending time with spirits in an intimate way, consider staying in one of these haunted inns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Don’t worry … all of the spirits are pretty friendly.

River Gem B&B - aka The Littleton Clark House - Pocomoke City


The River Gem Bed and Breakfast – Pocomoke City

This is a beautifully restored Victorian house with wide porches located just one block from the scenic Pocomoke River. It was built just before the Civil War by the young merchant, Littleton Clarke. He and his wife Jane moved in with three small children and then had two more. Within a year Littleton died as did four of his five children. Some say the spirits of the children still roam the house – very comfortably and happily, and according to one guest even “appear” in the late night hours.

The Kemp House Inn – St. Michaels

This gorgeous Colonial-style house on Talbot Street in St. Michaels is one of three properties in the Old Brick Inn complex of accommodations. The Kemp House is said to be haunted by the spirit of Robert E. Lee.  Gen. Lee visited Col. Kemp when he owned the house. The housekeepers report that there are many spirits of men in this house who make themselves known by talking loudly and appear sometimes in the foyer and on the stairs.


The Atlantic Hotel – Berlin, MD

The Atlantic Hotel, built in 1895 is a beautifully restored Victorian Hotel with rockers on the porch and a fine restaurant located in the middle of downtown Berlin.  It has many ghost stories and most of the staff her have had paranormal experiences. The spirits of children are heard in the halls, a mischievous ghost is said to haunt rooms 16 and 18, and shadows sometimes appear in the halls with no apparent “being” present to cast them.   Read about The Child Spirit in the Atlantic Hotel.

The Tidewater Inn - Easton Maryland. "Are you there, Mr. Grymes?"


The Tidewater Inn – Easton, MD

The Tidewater Inn, in the center of Easton’s historic district, was built in the 1930s by Arthur Grymes. Staff says that Mr. Grymes is still around keeping an eye on things and encouraging employees to vigilant at their work. Psychic medium staying at the Inn have often noted the presence of spirits, including one of a little girl who runs through the lobby.

Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City MD


The Dunes Manor – Ocean City, MD 

The Dunes Manor on 28th Street was opened by Mrs. Thelma Conner on April Fools Day, 1989. She picked that day because everyone said that she was a “fool” for trying to build such a big hotel at her age (75). Miss Thelma was no stranger to the hotel business and it was her dream to build this beautiful hotel at the end of the Boardwalk.  The staff says the Miss Thelma is very present – watching everything they do and giving her approval. Even guests reported on TripAdvisor that they saw an apparition of this very dedicated former hotel owner. She’s still keeping things straight.

Taylor House - Denton MD

Turnbridge Point – Denton, MD

This restored Victorian House sits in the center at the corner of the Courthouse Square and is run by a well-known Chef – Steve Konapelski – and his husband, Rob. The breakfasts are AWESOME! The house was built by a successful farmer named Tayor who wasn’t friendly. In fact, he was suspected of poisoning all of the dogs in town. They say that Taylor’s little grandchild died at a young age in the house, and the face of a child has been seen peering out of one of the upstairs windows.  Ask Rob and Steve which room that is… if you really want to know.

The Washington Inn & Tavern - haunted by ladies who walk the halls and stairs. - and Yes, GW slept here.


The Washington Inn and Tavern – Princess Anne, MD

Everyone knows that Taverns are haunted.  The oldest part of this building has been sitting on Somerset Avenue for over 350 years. Imagine the number of guests who have crossed this threshold. Yes… they say that old GW slept here, but there’s no proof. The former owner, Mrs. Murphy stated that there were lady spirits all about the place, especially in the foyer area an on the “Ladies Staircase.” New owners have recently restored the Inn and added a fine restaurant, and their staff tell of similar stories about the footsteps in the hall and on commotion on the stairs.

Cambridge Bed and Breakfast

Cambridge House – High Street, Cambridge, MD

The Cambridge House was built around 1847 and it sits right on historic High Street just a block from the scenic Choptank Riverfront and the downtown area of Cambridge. The house was owned by a Maryland State Delegate who had ten children, several of whom died young in this house. Former owners reported the sound of little footsteps running up and down the stairs when the B&B had no guests. And sometimes the owners heard what sounded like children playing – bouncing balls and laughter. Also, there was a murder in front of the house that started by one man poking another with an umbrella. Umbrellas tend to go missing in this house now.

River House - Snow Hill, MD

River House Inn – Snow Hill, MD

This beautiful Victorian home on the Pocomoke River was once owned by George Washington Purnell.  He and his wife had many children but only a few survived into adulthood. The little Purnells are buried all in a row at All Hallows graveyard. Subsequent owners have reported the sound of children’s feet running in the house and up the stairs in the wee hours of the morning. The three-year-old child of a ghost tour guest talked to a child spirit at the River Houe Inn right through the fence and protested when the parents tried to move on to the next stop. She said, “I don’t want to leave my friend. She’s dead.”

The Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, MD

Robert Morris Inn – Oxford, Md

The Robert Morris Inn was built in 1710 making it the oldest Inn in America. The spirits at this Inn tend to stay in a few of the rooms. On rare occasions, the owners have had guests leave in the night because of the spirits. Voices speaking in the dark, phantom beings climbing in the beds, windows opening and closing. Ask the owners if you want to know which rooms are haunted. Read about My Scary Night at the Robert Morris Inn.

Haunted Inn Honorable Mentions

The Shoreham Hotel – 4th Street, Ocean City, MD – This building also houses Shenanigans Irish Pub. This is a site that has hit the haunted Trifecta – a murder, a suicide and an accidental death. Spirits roam the second and third floors, but a particularly ugly spirit lurks in the basement.

Victoriana Inn – St. Michaels, MD – A man passed away here many years ago before he could pay his bill. Since then, the owner has been finding pennies throughout the house. Sometimes we even find pennies on the fence posts during the ghost tour as if the spirit is trying to make himself known.

Atlantic Hotel – Ocean City, MD – This is the oldest hotel in Ocean City, established in 1875. It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former owner who has been seen in the halls and reflected in mirrors around the hotel. There have also been apparitions of musicians, children and others who appear to have been guests.

The Wrightson Jones House – St. Michaels, MD  – This is a second of three properties in the Old Brick Inn complex of accommodations on Talbot Street (as is The Kemp House) The Wrightson Jones House has the spirit of a former female owner who tends to roam the third floor and sometimes torments male guests who stay in those rooms.

Plim Plaza – Ocean City, MD – The Plim is built on the former site of the Plinhimmon Hotel, a Victorian hotel that burned down in the 1960s. It is said to be haunted by the former owner of the Plinhimmon, Rosalie Tilghman Shreve who acts as an “angel” helping people – especially staff – in their time of greatest need.