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Group Discounts and Private Ghost Tours

Have a special event coming up?  Take advantage of our group discounts! Group discounts on ghost walks can be applied with a minimum of 10 people (provided there is availability on a tour) and earn a 10% discount.  If you have a larger group or are looking for a more private alternative, we offer private walks where you can pick your preferred date for a walk in any of the towns listed on the OUR TOWNS page.

NOTE: Discounts are based on the retail price of ADULT tickets ($25 each), and the group of tickets must be paid for in one transaction. Guests wishing to purchase group tickets must call us so we can deduct the discount manually.  The online ordering system does not automatically credit the discount.

All tickets are subject to the availability of a guide and space on the tour.


  • 10 or more tickets for any regularly scheduled tour (providing there is availability) – 10% discount on the total ticket package

There are no discounts on KIDS tickets as they are already discounted.

*Group tickets must be ordered over the phone at 443-735-0771 (the online ordering system doesn’t calculate discounts).


You choose the town you prefer and a date and time that is available and we will send a storyteller to that location to offer a private ghost tour for your group only.

  • Private tours are a perfect option for family reunions, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, historical interest groups, corporate retreats, or just some friends getting together for some fun! Choose any of our towns and have a personal guide take you on a ghost walk that will include both history and mystery.
  • Private ghost tours for individuals, couples, or large groups must be booked in advance with a deposit, and are subject to guide availability.
  • Private walks require a $100 non-refundable deposit ($200 during October) to secure the date/time for your walk.
  • Pricing for private walks is based on the number of people attending.
    • 1 to 20 people – $350.  ($500 in October)
    • 20-30 people – $450  ( (with $20 per additional guests starting at 31 guests)
    • A Deposit of $100 must be paid when a group tour is reserved in order to hold the date.
    • The tour cost must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to the event and is non-refundable after that time.
    • Multiple guides may be scheduled when student numbers exceed 25.
    • Please call us at 443.735.0771 for any additional pricing information.



Ghost Storytelling sessions are ideal for parties or gatherings where people would rather sit and listen than walk. You pick the area of focus based on the towns our stories cover. A trained storyteller will present the haunted tales to your group at a venue you choose.
Cost is $350 for 1.5 hours. More details here – Storytelling Sessions.


Ghost tours for students and school groups can be booked arranged and booked in advance for any of the towns covered on the Chesapeake Ghost Walks.  Students will learn the history of the town and about the lives of some of the more famous characters in the town’s history.  Guests will also learn about folklore, urban legends, and a bit how to sense spirits in their everyday lives.

$350 for up to 20 students or guests
$450 for 21-30 students or guests
$600 for 31- 50  students or guests

MORE DETAILS ON THE  – Special Group Tours Page








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  1. We are going to be holding our high school reunion in October 2016. I would like info about the Ghost Walk for our group. Thank you very much.

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