Ghost Tours for Students and School Groups

Crisfield Ghost Tour of Students
Crisfield Ghost Tour of Youth Group doing mission work in town

Ghost tours for students and school groups can be booked arranged and booked in advance for any of the towns covered on the Chesapeake Ghost Walks.  Students will learn the history of the town and about the lives of some of the more famous characters in the town’s history.  They will also learn folklore and legends, and a bit about how to sense spirits and paranormal investigation.

Review by Michele Coleman, teacher at the Washington Waldorf School
A wonderful experience! I was amazed as an entire class of seventh graders sat in perfect silence listening to the tales of Crisfield’s once rich and famous residents whose spirits have refused to leave. Our good natured host, Dan Burgoyne, encouraged the students to ask questions as he described both the supernatural and historical features of each house we came to on the tour. On the bus ride back to Jane’s Island there was a lively discussion over which ghosts were the scariest. Thank you Dan for a great evening out on the town.


Ghost tours are appropriate for middle-school, high school and college.

Cost for a school group is $350 for the first 25 students and $100 for every 10 students over the first 25 in attendance.  Multiple guides will be arranged for more than 25 students.  Call 443.735.0771 for more information and booking.

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  1. My garden club, The Barefoot Gardeners Club, of Fenwick Island, DE, is very interested in booking a private tour of Berlin. This is due, in great part, to the elemental(s) in the town, especially the healing tree. The group size would probably number around 25. We are a non-profit. I think one the first Friday of October might be a good date, since the 2nd Friday is an “art stroll” date for the town. I am certainly willing to work with you on a date. I assume(?) the preferred time of the ghost walk would be early evening. Please contact me as soon as possible to book this walk.

    1. Lois, we would be happy to schedule a private walk for you! We have sent you an email.

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