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Chesapeake Ghost Walks
5775 Charles Cannon Road
Marion Station, MD 21838
GHOST PHONE 443.735.0771

If you have questions about the tours, or issues with tickets please give a call or email us about the issue.  No reservations can be made by phone.  Tickets must be purchased online.

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  1. Good evening. My name is Tom Peranteau. My wife (Judith) and I and our party just returned home from a Ghost Walk in St Michaels hosted by DeeDee Wood. It was very enjoyable and quite informative. I must relay to you that one of the stories she told us involved three pennies. When we all returned to our home in Middletown De I went directly to the Master bathroom. When I came out to the kitchen everyone else were discussing pennies. Here my brother in law found a penny in his pocket and my wife found two in her coat pocket. We were all astonished I then put my hand in my pockets and found exactly three. I never carry change and didn’t purchase anything today. When I tried to retrace my steps to reason this out I explained that the only person I came close to was DeeDee when I took out of my same pocket a $5 bill which was haphazardly folded.
    After I explained this to everyone my Sister in law found that same $5 still folded on our living room floor. Needless to say we’re beside ourselves. Thank you DeeDee. You said we’ll be very involved with pennies forever. This is the beginning.

    Sincerely, Tom Peranteau

  2. The other day I saw a trivia question regarding something found in the walls of a Pocomoke ship builder’s house. I never did see an answer.

    Was the ship builder Elisha James Tull, who was my great grandfather ? And what was found ?

    1. Hi Bob. The answer will come out in our next newsletter. The Shipwrights house is on Walnut Street. I’m not sure who the builder was. It would be interesting to find out, though.

  3. Last October we did the OC ghost tour. It was amazing! Henry Hotel, took many pics from on iPhone. Once wife and I got back to our house we went thru the pics. One showed a darting white orb. Zoomed in on this photo and you can see 4 human like spirits on the front porch! Seems to be a man, wife, young boy and a grandmother. None of the other pics showed anything, only the one with the orb. We can’t wait to do the Berlin tour this fall!

  4. Hi, earlier this month you sent a notice about a haunted house tour. I can’t find it in my saved files. Please re send.

  5. I would like to book the bus tour to the Grave yard in Denton but would like the dates available. Many thanks!

    1. Diane, unfortunately our series of bus tours for this year is over. We run them during the Winter/Early Spring. We will have more in January of 2020!

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