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Who Haunts the Snow Hill Inn?


Snow Hill Inn - haunted MarylandThe Ghost of the Snow Hill Inn is one of the best known and most told ghost stories on Delmarva.  The building known as The Snow Hill Inn currently stands empty on East Market Street in Snow Hill, MD. It’s believed to be haunted by the ghost of William Aydelotte, a young pharmacology student who allegedly committed suicide so as not to disappoint his overbearing father.  According to local lore, William has disturbed so many people over the years with his mischief that the site gained enough notoriety to become the only property on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to be featured as a haunted site on national television.

National Geographic Television Network featured the Snow Hill Inn on its Is it Real series back in 2005.  Since shortly after that show aired, the building was vacated.  Though it’s been sold several times since, the right owner hasn’t yet come along and the old Inn which also William’s childhood home has fallen into disrepair.  Continue reading Who Haunts the Snow Hill Inn?

Snow Hill Inn – My First Ghost Story

Snow Hill Inn


The Snow Hill Inn was the first haunted building I ever wrote about.  I became interested in the stories of unexplained events, candles lighting themselves, people getting locked in rooms, beds shaking in the middle of the night, strange reflections appearing in mirrors and windows opening and shutting at will shortly after I took a job working for the Town of Snow Hill in 2002.


The Snow Hill Inn was open for lunch and dinner and conveniently located in the historic downtown.  I heard many of the haunted stories from people who had actually experienced something.  Local people called this ghost “J.J.” and told about how the Inn was his childhood home and how he committed suicide by cutting his own throat.  His daddy was a mean old town doctor and J.J. was failing out of Pharmacology school. So he ended it all in a bloody mess right after he penned a note to his father saying, “…it is useless to keep me at school…” Continue reading Snow Hill Inn – My First Ghost Story