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Spirit of Little Annie Conner Haunts Cry Baby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge - Marion Station.
Cry Baby Bridge – Marion Station.

The spirit of little Annie Conner is said to haunt Cry Baby Bridge near Tulls Corner in Marion Station, MD. People have heard the faint sound of what sounds like a child crying when all is quiet by the bridge. Annie Conner drowned near this spot in 1875 when a cart she was riding in was cast into East Creek by a horse that was spooked by lightning.

Annie Florence Conner was born on December 10, 1871. One July morning she and her mother were riding to in a wagon on what is now called LQ Powell Road. They were coming from the direction of St. Paul’s Church toward their home in Tulls Corner. It started to rain and just as the horse was pulling the cart over the bridge that crossed East Creek – formerly called “Mill Dam Bridge” a large clap of thunder spooked the horse and it reared up.  The wagon was overturned and fell into the rushing waters. The waters quickly carried little Annie downstream and he mother couldn’t reach her.  Annie was  just 3 years old.

According to the newspaper, they didn’t find any that day. It was over 24 hours before her little body washed up way down the creek. Continue reading Spirit of Little Annie Conner Haunts Cry Baby Bridge

The Vance Miles House – A Halloween Story

The Vance Miles House - Marion Station, MD

We didn’t know that the Vance Miles House was haunted when we purchased it in 2002. But I sensed it was the house we were meant to live in right away. We’d left our historic home on the Western Shore and moved to one of the most rural areas on the East Coast. I’d searched for weeks for the perfect home.  We forced our real estate agent to show us every historic home that was for sale in Somerset County, Maryland. I knew what I wanted. But none of the homes we saw were right.

Our house on the Western Shore was sold. I had our money in my hot little hand, and needed a home quick so we could avoid having to rent before buying.  So with the pressure on, I did the 3 mile drive to the Eastern Shore and drove past all three houses of consideration. I reluctantly chose a white Victorian on Charles Cannon Road. I was disappointed that it didn’t feel right. It was too big, too modernized and didn’t have the right feel for me. But perhaps we’d grow to love it in time. Continue reading The Vance Miles House – A Halloween Story