Furnace Town Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations on the Eastern Shore

Furnace Town in Snow Hill | Linchester Mill in Preston
Poplar Hill Mansion in Salisbury.

Chesapeake Ghost Tours offers guests the opportunity to participate in Paranormal Investigations at various locations on the Eastern Shore.  The investigations led by a seasoned team of investigators with a variety of equipment including EMF meters, infrared cameras and thermometers, EVP recorders and various other tools.

Guests will be able to watch and participate as the investigators call out to the spirits who may be present.

While we can’t guarantee paranormal activity for every investigation, we can offer information on equipment and techniques for conducting an investigation and ways to strengthen your own intuition.

Current Investigation locations are Furnace Town (Summer and Fall)  in Snow Hill and Linchester Mill (Winter and Spring) in Preston and Poplar Hill Mansion in Salisbury (various dates). 

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