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Wicomico County Courthouse
Wicomico County Courthouse

Welcome to Chesapeake Ghost Tours.

The Largest Trail of Year-Round Ghost Tours in America  – 11 Ghost Walks in different historic towns, guaranteed to entertain, educate, and perhaps disturb your sense of solace and calm.

If you love history mixed with mystery, you’ll enjoy all of these walking tours all on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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9 Ghost Tours on the Eastern Shore

Chesapeake Ghost Tours on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the largest cluster of heritage walks in America. Nine night-time walks  – from St. Michaels to Denton to Berlin and Ocean City to the Great Pocomoke Forest. The walking tours are scattered over 100 linear miles on the Delmarva Peninsula and offer guests a 1.5 to 2-hour storytelling session about the history and mysteries of the Eastern Shore. All stories are based on historical research, and many of the 130 sites on these tours still have paranormal activity today.

Most of the ghost walks feature a nighttime walk through an old graveyard. The walks are all guided by a trained storyteller who is passionate not only about the stories but also enthusiastic about explaining the strange energies and events that happen in this wide-open, mostly undeveloped landscape.

Learn more about the Ghost Walks on the What to Expect page

These ghost walks are not “ghost hunts” and we do not guarantee a ghost sighting or a paranormal experience. We do, however, believe that the hauntings are real and that the highly intuitive may be able to sense beings from the eternal world.

Paranormal Investigations

For those who like a more “interactive” look at spirits and paranormal activity, Chesapeake Ghost Tours occasionally offers paranormal investigations where guests can watch actual paranormal investigators use specialized equipment to detect communications from the spirit world. Guests can bring their own equipment and also enjoy a night-time walk led by an investigator through the haunted swamps and forests as well as an “inside” experience in a historic building, mansion, or church depending on the host property.

Other Products and Services

STORYTELLING – Chesapeake Ghost Tours also offers storytelling sessions at various locations on the Eastern Shore, and we can be privately booked for your group or event.

GROUP TOURS & DISCOUNTSAsk about our Group Discounts, Students & School Groups, Private Tours, Storytelling Sessions, Bus Tours, and Special Occasions.

BOOKS AND GIFT CERTIFICATES – COMBOS – Order signed copies of Mindie Burgoyne’s Haunted series.  Order a set of 4 and receive free gift wrapping.  Gift certificates are also available as well as Book/Gift Certificate combinations.

BUS TOURS  (temporarily suspended)
 Offered mainly in the winter months – Chesapeake Ghost Tours also has six different bus tour products that go out into the beautiful countryside – focusing on stories of farmers, slaves, merchants, watermen, and ghosts of the swamps, forests and old plantations. Book a bus tour for your group or go on one of ours.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: While payment must be made in advance in order to secure a place on the tour, a full refund will be given if cancellations are made at least 48 hours before the tour. Cancellations after that 48-hour window or no-shows will not receive a refund.

Voted Best New Heritage Initiative by the Beach to Bay Heritage Area

Ghost Tours in Denton Maryland - The Taylor House
The Taylor House – Denton, Maryland

Over 140 Sites across seven counties

Together this cluster of ghost tours includes over 140 haunted sites and stories and 10 graveyards.  The spirits of pirates, sea captains, merchants, governors, soldiers, slaves, orphans, farmers, witches, hoteliers, doctors, actresses and “ladies of the evening” are featured characters in these enchanting stories.  The haunted history of the old Eastern Shore is revealed in these tours in a way that is both entertaining and engaging. Our guests get a broad perspective of the Eastern Shore’s “haunted” heritage.

Featured in the Washington Post Travel Section 

Where are our Ghost Tours? (map)

Storyteller, Missy Corley leads the Ghost Tour in Easton, Maryland
Storyteller, Missy Corley leads the Ghost Tour in Easton, Maryland

Ghost Storytellers – Family Entertainment

Each tour is led by a ghost storyteller who will weave the history of the town through tales of apparitions, psychic phenomena and things no one can explain. Every tour is suitable for adults and kids, Except for Princess Anne (no children allowed). The Chesapeake Ghost Walks weave a tapestry of local lore and legend and reveal the rich heritage of the Eastern Shore and the essence of its unique character. Once you’ve gone on a ghost walk, that town will seem like an old friend.

Meet our Team

Why the Eastern Shore?

The Eastern Shore  – that is the land east of the Chesapeake Bay – encompasses hundreds of square miles of rolling farmland, forest, and marsh, and the Eastern Shore is the least developed contiguous piece of agricultural land between Maine and Florida.  The landscape is flat and open with big skies and a shoreline is never far away. It’s an enchanting landscape that has remained largely unchanged since the British colonization.

Tucked into that mystical landscape are small towns that grew up with the seafood, farming, and shipbuilding trades.  They were full of crazy characters, and there is something magical about that open landscape that opens portals into the “other world” and the spirits of those characters peek through now and again. They may meet you on the stairs of your hotel or in a museum full of artifacts, on a nighttime walk through town, on your campsite, on a carousel ride, or in your guest room at a historic Inn.  You’ll be “walking with some of them” on every Chesapeake Ghost Walk.

Make a night of it – If meeting up with Chesapeake spirits wasn’t reason enough to buy a ticket for one of these walks, consider that most of the featured towns are designated Maryland Main Streets and/or Arts and Entertainment Districts and all have gorgeous historic architecture, amazing food, shops, cultural venues, and recreational opportunities.  There’s enough to do to fill a weekend.

Ghost Tour in Berlin MD Healing Tree
Healing Tree in Berlin MD

Healing Trees and Elementals

Guests on Chesapeake Ghost Walks also learn about “healing trees” and elementals located inside these towns.  Healing trees have a strong energy that can be felt when a hand is placed close to the tree for a period of time.  Healers, or people who use holistic methods of treating illness, will sometimes visit these particular trees to engage with the tree energy. Ghost Walk guides will demonstrate how to engage with that energy.

Healing trees are featured on the Easton, Cambridge, Princess Anne, and Berlin (2) Walks.  One known elemental is present in the Town of Berlin.


REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: While payment must be made in advance in order to secure a place on the tour, a full refund will be given if cancellations are made at least 48 hours before the tour. Cancellations after that 48-hour window or no-shows will not receive a refund.

Don’t forget to check out the reviews some of our readers have left on TripAdvisor.

We hope you’ll join us for some walks this year.


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  1. Hello
    Was wondering if you have any ghost tours scheduled for Ocean City in October?

  2. Will you be having a paranormal investigation at the Linchester Mill any time soon ? Thanks Glenn

  3. Hi Mindy,

    Do you know if there will be a St. Michaels tour the weekend of May 17, 2024? We are planning a girls weekend and there would be 7 of us.


    1. Yes, Dana. There will be a tour as we have them every weekend from April through mid December. We don’t have the calendar up yet, but if you check back you should be able to book a tour. Also, you could book a private tour. Depending on the number of people you have, that can be cheaper sometimes. If you book a private tour, you’re guaranteed to have the tour on the night you schedule. Call the Ghost Phone at 443.735.0771 if you’re interested. Thanks for reaching out.

  4. Hi, Tiffany. I am Chris, one of the tour guides. I also have a paranormal investigation team that would love to hear about what is happening on your property and set up an investigation. Contact me :
    Thank you, Chris

  5. I’m interested in an actual paranormal investigation inside a property. Where can I find more info

    1. Hi Tiffany. We hope to start the Paranormal investigations in January. Watch our website or subscribe to the newsletter to be updated. Thanks for reaching out.

    2. Tiffany, we’ll be starting the paranormal investigations back up in March. Stay tuned for the announcement of dates. Also, our guide, Chris has responded to your comment as well. He has a paranomal group that can go out to properties where we don’t currently offer investigations.

    1. Hi Shannon.
      We have St. Michaels this Friday night and Cambridge on Saturday night. You might want to try the Cambridge tour. It’s about a half hour from St. Michaels and is very popular. We offer the both St. Michaels and Cambridge every weekend but they can alternate between Friday and Saturday.
      Thanks for inquiring.

  6. I have a gift certificate and was trying to book a tour but it would not take it and asked me for CC info. Could you please help me out.

    1. Charles, give us a call at 443-735-0771 and we would be happy to process the gift card over the phone for you!

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