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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Cancel Ghost Walks

Ocean City Board in the Rain
Boardwalk in the rain – Ocean City, MD

When the weather forecasters predict bad weather, ticket-holders start calling to see if the ghost walk for that night is still on. We always tell them what we have written on every page of our website … “We walk in the rain.  We love the rain. We only cancel a walk if the weather presents a threat to public safety.”

The truth is … that it rains all the time on the Eastern Shore and the weather is sporadic. Trying to dodge the wind and rain is like trying to dodge the mosquitoes.  It’s best to just buy some insect repellent and focus on taking in the magical Eastern Shore landscape in its present state. Rain can be quite beautiful.

5 reasons why we don’t cancel ghost walks due to rain

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Ocean City Ghost Walk

What to Expect on a Chesapeake Ghost Walk

We want our guests to know what to expect on a Chesapeake Ghost Walk. On the walks, guests come together to hear the stories about a historic town and its people – with a focus on the usual, the paranormal, the unexplainable. These stories are shared by a personal group guide, who will not only relate stories of legendary characters, hauntings, and mysterious unexplained events. He or she will be able to weave a loose history of the town into the walk so that when guests leave, they’ll consider that town an old friend.  Guides will also point out the actual locations mentioned in the stories that could include apparitions, strange noises, ghostly images in pictures, and much more.

THE WALKS – With each Chesapeake Ghost Walk guests traverse about 1.5 miles on foot while the certified guide points out properties associated with ghosts, hauntings or tales of the dead. The guide will refer to the property’s history, the unexplained “ghostly” events there, and what people say today about the site’s paranormal activity. Most walks have at least nine sites.  By the end of the walk, each guest will have an up-close view of the town and some of its famous – or infamous residents which include doctors, farmers, congressmen, governors, African slaves, widows, and children.

Mindie Burgoyne
Mindie Burgoyne

“When I craft each walk I try to do so in a way that tells the story of the whole town so that the characters I talk about are placed in a related setting” Burgoyne states. “All haunted stories begin to sound alike after a while. What differentiates one from the next are the ghostly characters, the setting, and how people are experiencing the presence of those ghosts in this world.”

Burgoyne collects her ghostly tales from various sources that include local libraries, regional books, newspaper articles, the folklore collection at the Nabb Research Center at Salisbury University, and through personal interviews. All the tours include an evening walk through a graveyard – except for Ocean City. It has no graveyard.

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT GO INSIDE THE PROPERTIES.  This is a ghost walk where stories of hauntings and unexplained events are shared while standing outside the property.

CERTIFIED GUIDES: Chesapeake Ghost Walks has a thorough training process for guides and tour leaders. Each guide is trained and tested in Eastern Shore history and the history and folklore of that particular town. Guides are also given training on presentation methods, public speaking skills, and story-telling.

“These are not spooky, scary walks where the guides dress up in period clothing and use theatrical techniques. This is the real deal” states Mindie Burgoyne. “We’ve researched and confirmed the actual ghost stories, and referenced mediums, psychics, and paranormal investigators on some properties. We figure the truth is scary enough.”

DISCOVER YOUR OWN PSYCHIC ABILITIES – The guides will also help guests discover their own psychic potential in sensing ghosts and share information on how to hone their sensing skills.

Guests pay $25 ($20 for kids) to attend a ghost walk, and each historic town has restaurants, lodging accommodations, and local sites of interest for those who want to travel in from out-of-town and perhaps stay over.

TIME & WEATHER: Ghost Walks begin on time (varies by season, check the list). We walk in all kinds of weather except heavy rain and snow. So bundle up if it’s cold, wear comfortable shoes, and bring your umbrella if it looks like rain.

BOOKS FOR SALE: Signed copies of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake may be for sale on the tours. Ask your guide, or you can pick up a copy from your local bookstore ahead of time and bring it to the tour for signing.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED – tours are limited to 25 and likely to sell out. Register by filling out a registration form and sending in your payment.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: While payment must be made in advance in order to secure a place on the tour, a full refund will be given if cancellations are made at least 48 hours before the tour. Cancellations after that 48-hour window or no-shows will not receive a refund.