BUS TOUR – Trail of Sorrows – Denton, Preston and Woodland, DE

Trail of Sorrows Bus Tour

Underground Railroad, Denton Jail, Maggie’s Bridge, Patty Cannon, Marshall Price’s Grave


Haunted Denton, Preston, and Woodland, DE

This Ghost and Graveyard bus tour covers over 20 sites including 2 graveyards. Called the “Trail of Sorrows” because it recounts the tale of so many lost souls including poor Annie Belle Carter, a 19-year-old who fell to her death and was impaled on a tree… and hear about the spirits of the Underground Railroad and stand at their final crossing at the haunted Linchester Mill. Find out about the Small Pox epidemic in Woodland and see the mansion that was built by Jesse Cannon for a lover who left him at the altar. Hear about poor poor Maggie Bloxom who was decapitated when her horse went off “Maggie’s Bridge” in a storm. So many sorrowful tales.


Stand in front of the most haunted jail In Maryland – still the most haunted site on the Shore. Hear about the spirit of Wish Sheppard lurking about the jail Even the Warden has spoken about him. Hear about the town dog-killer in Denton and the sweet little child spirit that haunts one of the upper rooms in his house. Walk on the grounds of two lynchings on the Courthouse green. Stand at the haunted grave of Marshall Price who murdered 14 year old Sallie Dean and was buried facing the opposite direction of all the other graves. See where Patty Cannon lived and hung out during her slave-catching, kidnapping, murdering days in this region.

Guests will enjoy this 4-5 hour tour on a luxury motorcoach (restroom on board).

**WHAT TO EXPECT:** The tour will last approximately 4 hours. Be sure to eat lunch before the tour as we will not be stopping for food. Most of that time will be spent on the bus, but there will be several places where guests will be able to disembark and take photographs and walk around – including Linchester Mill, Cannon Hall, Denton Cemetery and the Courthouse Green in Denton.  There is walking on this tour.

This 4-hour tour in a motor coach is the best way to see the hidden haunted sites in Denton, Preston, and Woodland DE.  Guests will be able to enter the Linchester Mill and hear storyteller, Charles Andrew talk about the spirit that haunts the mill and surrounds.

**MEETING PLACE AND WEATHER:** Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of the tour and check in with the guide and bus driver. Tour will leave the premises promptly at 2 pm. Also, note that we do not cancel for rain. In the event that the weather is wet, be sure to bring an umbrella and waterproof clothing and shoes. There are opportunities for getting off of the bus and walking. MEET THE BUS at the Courthouse Green in Denton – 109 Market Street, Denton, MD http://bit.ly/2jyGPQ4

**CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS:**  Full refund will be given if cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the tour’s start.  If cancellation is NOT made within 48 hours of the tour, no refunds will be given.  However, all registrations are transferable, so feel free to allow a friend or family member to attend in your place.  Just give them your order voucher.


My Time in the Denton Jail – by Mindie Burgoyne
Wish Sheppard’s Handprint on the Jail Cell Wall

Contact Chesapeake Ghost Walks at 443.735.0771 for more information.

14 thoughts on “BUS TOUR – Trail of Sorrows – Denton, Preston and Woodland, DE

  1. My friends and I are very interested in this, but can’t do 2/12, will there be other trips?

    1. Laura, 2/12 will be our only tour for the Caroline area for this year. However, we do have other bus tours that go to different areas. You can view all of our future tours by visiting our website and clicking on the “Tour Calendar.”

    1. Carol, both. We will get off of the bus to see some of the sites and others will be discussed while on the bus. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Where do we catch the bus for this tour?? GHOST & GRAVEYARD BUS TOUR – Denton to Woodland 2/12

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