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The Cat Lady at the Bayly Orem House



An old lady and her beloved cat are remembered in this house on High Street in Cambridge.

The house, known as the Bayly Orem House, was built in 1888 and was occupied by a very a lady who grew old in the house and like many older people, she became set in her ways. She lived alone with her beloved cat who was her constant companion. When people visited – including her own family – she denied anyone access to the front parlor and resolutely refused to use it herself. She kept it meticulously cleaned and dusted it compulsively.

According to a neighbor, the old lady fell down some stairs and couldn’t reach out to anyone. It was her devoted cat who made its way outside to notify people of the lady’s fall. Sadly, help arrived too late and the lady died from her injuries at the foot of the steps in this house.

And where do you think her family laid her body out for visiting friends and relatives?  Continue reading The Cat Lady at the Bayly Orem House

Special Offer FREE Coffee and $5 off Dinner at The High Spot 11/29


Cambridge Ghost Walk 11/29 – Small Business Saturday

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we’re partnering with The High Spot Gastropub in Cambridge with a special offer for the Cambridge Ghost Walk on Saturday 11/29. 

If Black Friday is when shoppers go mad for deals at the big box stores, Small Business Saturday (the following day) shoppers can enjoy shopping in small historic towns and take advantage of deals and promotions from the local merchants on Main Street. It’s a way to shop stress free and keep the dollars in local communities.  Continue reading Special Offer FREE Coffee and $5 off Dinner at The High Spot 11/29