Sullivane House - Cambridge

Confederate Ghost at the Sullivane House

The Sullivane House in Cambridge is haunted by a Confederate soldier – or at least it was when the previous owner saw the soldier in the yard and later in her hallway.  Built in 1763 from brick brought over from England, the Sullivane House has been standing in this spot on High Street for over 250 years.  It has a strong history of owners who served in the American military and in Dorchester County politics. 

There is a famous tale about a woman who lived in the house. A local neighbor who knew the woman shared the story.  The woman who lived in the Sullivane House looked out her front window and saw what looked like a Confederate soldier standing in the front yard. She went to the door, opened it and looked outside near that window.  There was nothing. The woman figured she imagined the sighting.

The woman saw the figure on her her lawn again and again she rushed outside but saw no one. Later that day when the woman was walking from her kitchen to the front hall she saw the same soldier, but this time he was in her house. Frightened, she quickly moved to one of the front parlors and locked herself in.  She stayed there until a family member checked in on her and discovered she’d seen a ghost.

Others in the neighborhood saw him too, hanging around the Sullivane House.  The woman saw him one other time in her house, but she screamed “Get out!” and he did. Just after the last sighting, one of the neighbors commented that the Sons of the Confederacy were in town that week placing American flags on every Confederate grave.  They had just finished.

No one that we know of, has seen the soldier since.

The Sullivane House is featured on the Cambridge Ghost Walk.  Check our Calendar for  dates of upcoming Cambridge walks