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The Hungry Ghost Moon

The Hungry Ghost Moon is the name the Chinese gave to the full moon in the seventh month of the  lunar year – which happens to occur today, July 12, 2014.

Hungry Ghost Moon


In the Chinese tradition, the time of the Hungry Ghost Moon is similar to how the ancient Irish perceived Samahain, a feast marking the beginning of the Irish Winter (October 31st – Halloween in North America).  It was a time when spirits could move freely from this world into the Other world or the Eternal world.  The veil separating the worlds was “thin.”

The Chinese believed that some spirits would return to where they were happiest, so it’s a time when you might see or feel the presence of your ancestors — or the people who formerly populated the landscape surrounding you.  But it is also a time when mischievous spirits make trouble and people can be more susceptible to bad energy from the spirit world.

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Friday 13th in June and the Full “Honey” Moon

full moon by Hal Roth
Full moon photo by Hal Roth

Where will you be this Friday 13th during the Full Honey Moon in June?  If it wasn’t enough having the a full moon falling on Friday the 13 in June – the month of the summer solstice, how about spending that mystical evening on a Ghost Walk that stops at Honeymoon Bridge?

Friday the 13th in June 2014 coincides with the full moon, aka the “Honey Moon.” How often does Friday the 13th fall on the day of a full moon? Not often… about every 15-20 years. The next one won’t be until 2035 according to the US Naval Observatory. Continue reading Friday 13th in June and the Full “Honey” Moon