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Chesapeake Ghost Walks
5775 Charles Cannon Road
Marion Station, MD 21838
GHOST PHONE 443.735.0771

If you have questions about the tours, or issues with tickets please give a call or email us about the issue.  No reservations can be made by phone.  Tickets must be purchased online.

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    1. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, Ellen. Our bus does not have a lift to lift a wheelchair in. We can store a wheelchair in the cargo area if you are able to walk with help up the bus steps and then to your seat. Call us if you have any more questions.

  1. Hello, I have my paypal receipt for tonight’s Easton Tour; but, I have not received my tickets. Is the e-mail from paypal going to be enough?

  2. Hi, I received email with the coupon code when when I try to apply it it’s telling me not valid on my cart contents which is for 6 tickets. Thank you

    1. Sorry that happened to you, Trisha. Please call the Ghost Phone between 9am and 8pm, our customer service rep will put the order through for you and include the discount.

  3. Mindie! My family and I are in OC this week. Are you leading this Fridays ghost walk and is there still room for 5? I’d love to see you!!!

  4. hi
    I know of some other sites in Easton that I don’t see on your tour like the old Black and Decker building.

  5. is the ghost tour in ocean city still on for tomorrow nite,Oct 2? please advise thank you linda

  6. I love your walks been to the snow hill and just went to pocomoke last night but I was curious if you knew of any that were later at night that allowed you to go inside and be a part of the true paranormal experience.Thank you for what you do the history of these towns are truly fascinating to me.

    1. Hi Mary.
      All of our ghost walks move up to 8pm in June and run through August at 8pm. However, we’re not set up to do paranormal investigations. But there are a lot of group on the eastern shore that do that. You may want to google them on Facebook.

      We may do a paranormal investigation or two as special events this year. Keep an eye out on our newsletter. We’ll make the announcement there and on our website.

  7. could you let me know about your future schedule. Would be very interested in lower Dorchester . thanks

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