Greenbriar Swamp - haunts of Big Lizz

BUS TOUR – Tubman Trail and the Swamps of Lower Dorchester SOLD OUT

Tubman Trail Bus Tour – the farms and swamps of Lower Dorchester – SOLD OUT

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Haunted tour of Lower Dorchester County – trace the haunted back roads and waterways once traveled by Harriet Tubman and others in old Dorchester.

Some say that spirits of Harriet Tubman and the old enslaved community still haunt the fields and swamps of Lower Dorchester County. Hear the stories about the Underground Railroad. See the plantation where Harriet Tubman worked, and the local store (still standing) where she was injured as a child.

Hear the stories of the spirits who still linger at Blackwater, the quiet songs of enslaved Africans in the fields, the vanishing of two people in the same fishing village, two brothers chained in an attic, floating coffins, phantom ships, the Seven Gates of Hell, the most haunted street in Maryland.

Dorchester Bus Tour Tubman Trail

Did you know that the marshy, forested Blackwater region of Dorchester County has had two people vanish without a trace, coffins floating up to the door, a wildmen seen in the marsh, two brothers locked in an attic, a location called The Seven Gates of Hell, and a UFO that was seen by scores of people — in some cases only feet from the hood of their cars?  Hear these and over a dozen more stories about the haunted landscape of lower Dorchester County in the comfort of a luxury bus (w/ restroom on board)

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7 Gates of Hell site is just beyond the Catholic Church
7 Gates of Hell site is just beyond the Catholic Church

Big Lizz – Eastern Shore’s Most Famous Ghost

Be amazed when you the visit the haunt of the most famous Eastern Shore ghost …. BIG LIZZ, who wanders the swamps near Decoursey Bridge with her severed head in her hand – red eyes shining. Stop at Old Salty’s on Hoopers Island and hear about Mary’s Ghost that still haunts the place.

SITES ON THE TOUR include Decoursey Bridge where ghost of Big Lizz has been seen, and Old Salty’s on Hoopers Island, Harriet Tubman’s homeplace, Old Trinity Church the Wild Men of Andrews, the Cowman of Crocheron, the Old Lady at Bishops Head, Lady in White, Seven Gates of Hell, Bloody Henny’s haunt, Josiah Bayly House, Christ Church Graveyard and more.

MEET THE BUS at Long Wharf in Cambridge – 100 High Street, Cambridge, MD

House of Josiah Bayly in Cambridge
Josiah Bayly House on High Street in Cambridge

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of the tour and check in with the guide and bus driver. Tour will leave the premises promptly at 12:30 pm. Please eat lunch before the tour as there will be no opportunity to stop for food. Also, note that we do not cancel for rain. In the event that the weather is wet, be sure to bring an umbrella and waterproof clothing and shoes. There are opportunities for getting off of the bus and walking.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: The tour will last approximately 4 hours. Be sure to eat lunch before the tour as we will not be stopping for food. Most of that time will be spent on the bus listening to your storyteller. While we do not enter the properties, there will be several places to disembark and take photographs- including the Old Salty’s and all the graveyards.


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