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  1. The home at 3 S. Somerset Ave in Crisfield has an interesting background. Construction began in 1998 and was completed in 1904. Two brothers had the house built with the last name of Tawes. One of the brothers married and lived there for some time. In the 1920’s their niece Adeline inherited the home and she moved there with her husband. She had two children, a girl and a boy. The boy grew up to become a doctor in nearby Pocomoke and his name was Edward Hill. Adeline throughout her life was involved with Somerset School Board and Emmanuel Church. With her children grown, Mrs. Hill took in troubled kids and was a strict but fair governess. She frequently greeted neighborhood kids at the door with freshly cooked sugar cookies. Adeline Hill in her later years experienced some health issues and briefly moved to a nursing home. After one year she insisted to be moved back to her beloved home. She lived there an additional 4 years before passing away at the home. Several years later a couple from the Washington area bought the home November, 2006 – David and Carolyn Marquis. The home had been vacant and needed much in the way of work. They put their savings into it and created a Bed and Breakfast named Marquis Manor. The first room they finished they decided, without knowing much about the home’s history to name it after its owner, Adeline’s Room. They discovered years later in discussion with someone that cared for Adeline, that it was her original room, and the room she passed away in. As the Bed and Breakfast opened its doors to guests throughout the ensuing years, numerous unexplainable little things occurred. The innkeepers started a ghost log as a joke but more and more entries began filling the pages. Enjoy the ghost walk, have fun and let the innkeepers know if you see any images in the upper windows!

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